applying a thin Coating of epoxy

Clear coating or seal coating with epoxy involves applying a thin, even coat over a properly prepared substrate and then re-coating when the previous coat becomes tacky.

  1. Prepare the surface for clear coating or seal coating as described in Basic Instructions.
  2. Mix the desired amount of epoxy using the appropriate dispensing, measuring, and mixing in Basic Instructions.
  3. Load a thin foam roller or stiff bristle brush with a moderate amount of the epoxy mixture.
  4. Apply the epoxy in a thin, even film. Continue applying the epoxy, overlapping small coverage areas until the batch is used up. The thinner the film, the easier it is to keep the coating even and avoid runs or sags in each coat.
  5. After you’ve applied a batch, tip off the clear coating by dragging a foam roller or brush lightly over the fresh epoxy in long, even, overlapping strokes. Use enough pressure to smooth the stipple, but not enough to remove any of the coatings. Alternate the direction you’re tipping off each coat: First coat vertical, second coat horizontal, third coat vertical, etc. To prevent bubbles and remove any bubbles that may form reference Bubble-Free Coatings.
  6. To remove pinholes on the surface of the epoxy, use a stiff plastic or metal spreader to apply more epoxy. Hold the spreader at a low angle to avoid scraping away epoxy. Press the spreader firmly against the surface and drag the spreader in long, overlapping strokes to “hydraulically” force the epoxy into the pinholes. Fill the pinholes in each batch area before applying the next batch of epoxy.


Re-coating without surface preparation

Apply second and subsequent clear coats of epoxy following the same procedures. Re-coat when the previous coat is still tacky (about as tacky as masking tape) to avoid sanding between coats.


Entropy Resins’ coating and laminating epoxies are Super Sap® Formulations. Designed for versatility, they can be used in a wide range of applications from laminating fiber-reinforced composites to thin-film coatings. Featuring simple 2:1 mix ratios and a variety of cure speeds, they are engineered for ease of use. Superior strength, excellent adhesion to many surfaces, industry-leading clarity, and UV epoxy stability make these epoxies the right choice for coating and laminating projects.

Suggested Uses:

  • Clear Coating
  • Seal Coating
  • Laminating
  • Applying Fiberglass
  • Vacuum Bagging

Suggested Products: