Mix Ratio: Measuring and Mixing Epoxy

Mix ratio is crucial to success with any epoxy project.

The correct Entropy Resins Epoxy mix ratio can be measured by volume, weight, or using our mini-pumps.

Succulent Casting Tutorial

Casting an artificial succulent in Epoxy can create a realistic effect. Entropy Resins Clear Casting Epoxy Resin and Clear Casting Fast Hardener are simple to use and offer amazing results.

Entropy Glassing Tutorial

Tutorial: Entropy Resins x Shapers Studio Surfboard glassing using Entropy Resins Super Sap epoxy resin and Marko recycled EPS blank.

Grain Surfboard Laminating Tutorial

Wooden surfboard laminating using Entropy Resins’ CLR epoxy over a Grain Surfboard. Read more about fiberglass laminating with Entropy Resins.

Wooden Surfboard Hot-coating With Grain Surfboards (Part 2 Of 2)

Wooden surfboard laminating and hot coating using Entropy Resins’ Super Sap CLR epoxy resin over a Grain Surfboard. Read more about hot-coating surfboards with Entropy Resins.

Epoxy Casting Tutorial With Super Sap CCR

Epoxy casting with CCR, Entropy Resins’ water-clear, UV-stable epoxy system for casting and high-build coating applications, a Super Sap Formulation. Read more about epoxy casting with Entropy Resins.