Our Philosophy

Here’s us in a nutshell.


Make Things Better™.


It’s simple. We’re doing the right thing. Shaping the next generation of epoxy with our biobased formulations, we create high-performance, environmentally friendlier, more sustainable epoxies – all of which is proven with scientific data. We bring the same reliability and integrity to crafting our biobased epoxy products as we do to growing our business.


There is no better chemistry than that inspired by Mother Nature. Our biobased formulations are manufactured with renewable resources to the highest extent possible. Through green chemistry, biobased and rapidly renewable raw materials, and efficient manufacturing, we conserve energy, minimize harmful byproducts, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our products from processing.

Our biobased formulations are created in-house: GBI Company 2019
The staff of Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Our biobased formulations are created and manufactured in-house.