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For action sports, arts and crafts, green construction and product design. For every project AND for the planet. Entropy Resins are made to make things better.

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Superior Performance

The molecule is what you make of it. Our resins are designed for strength and ease of use.

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Biological Bonds

Powered by plants. Our Super Sap technology replaces petro-chemicals with renewable, biobased materials.

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Certifiable Difference

Green should not just be a color. We work hard to define the environmental benefits of our resins.

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Epoxy Resin by Entropy Resins

Entropy Resins focus' is on the art of epoxy resin so that you don't have to. We recognize the need for an adhesive that fits your industries craft. Whether it be action sport industries like surfboards and snowboards to casting and craft resins, Entropy Resins has the right adhesive, glue or epoxy coating for you. We believe in a no compromises approach that includes our 3 P's: Performance, Progress and Protection of the environment.

Performance Epoxy Resin systems are more than a concept, it is our mission. Entropy Resins epoxy resins are made to perform and to outperform the competition. Whether you need an epoxy coating and laminating resin to a clear embedment and casting resin – we have you covered. Entropy has been supplying high quality surfboard resins, high-impact snowboard epoxies and marine epoxy resins since our inception.

Resin Applications

You can use our resin in a variety of applications.

Bio-Based Resins

Entropy Resins believes protecting the environment should be more than a saying, it is a practice to be followed. Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated first in the way our epoxy resins are made. Bioresins, eco-resin and bioepoxy are just some of the terms commonly used to describe our natural bio-based epoxy resins. Our high performance epoxy resin systems have been appraised by companies like Forbes and the Daily Breeze News because they demonstrate that going green doesn't mean going without. Further still, Entropy Resins donates 1% of all sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.


Checkout how our customers make things better.

Niche Snowboards

At Niche Snowboards, we’ve realized our vision of the future by changing the way we think about the relationships between our materials, our environment, and ourselves.

Blackbird Guitars

Blackbird Guitars dedicated several years of R&D incorporating resonant eco-materials into advanced composite construction. The result is Ekoa, a unique, plant-based 'tone' material.

Enjoy* Handplanes

Enjoy Handplanes' mission is to keep broken boards and manufacturing waste from the landfills while creating products that are fun to use and environmentally responsible.

About Entropy Resins

Progress should not be a choice. As epoxy resin suppliers, Entropy Resins is proud of our mission to marry both performance and environmental sustainable resins. Entropy Resins was started by two brothers, one a Ph.d Chemist and the other an engineer who, searched for a sustainable epoxy resin. When they could not find one, decided to develop one. With 15 years of research and development, Entropy Resins is proud to present a variety of strong, durable and trustworthy epoxy resins for everyday use proving that progress is making things better.

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