The Entropy Resins Story

The Banatao Brothers

As kids growing up in California, Desi and Rey Banatao discovered the joy of riding skateboards through the streets of Cupertino. Their passion for riding grew from the streets to the mountains, to the ocean. The brands and products they admired made them want to create something of their own. Something new, unique, and, most importantly, fun. Something their friends would want to call their own. They developed a passion for science and for making things, which led them to careers in academic research and industry. With their training in science and engineering, they worked to improve the kinds of products they loved to use. Their goal was to make better things while making things better for the environment. They dug in, learned new chemistries, did the necessary engineering, and brought new ideas to the composites industry. Through these efforts, Entropy Resins biobased epoxies were born.

From building materials to advanced composites, the Banatao brothers are proud of all the products and applications their epoxies touch today. But more importantly, their friends and partners proudly proclaim their products are built with Entropy Resins and call these biobased Super Sap® epoxies their own.

Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

In 2018, Gougeon Brothers, a world-renowned epoxy company that the Banatao brothers strove to emulate with their company, acquired Entropy Resins. Their high-quality products are now made alongside Gougeon’s industry-leading West System® and PRO-SET® epoxy brands. Following the acquisition, Desi joined the Gougeon team to merge Entropy’s sustainably focused product design with Gougeon’s long-standing culture of brand authenticity, product quality, and customer commitment. Desi currently serves as the Global Sales Manager for the Entropy Resins brand.

Gougeon Brothers, Inc. is an employee-owned and family-run epoxy manufacturer that has been in business since 1969. Any Gougeon employee you speak with is a part-owner of the company and has a vested interest in keeping you as a satisfied customer. Our mission is to provide safe, high-quality, cost-effective products and comprehensive technical information supported by continual research and development. Based in Bay City, Michigan, the company is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

The company got its start in 1969 with brothers Meade and Jan Gougeon building iceboats and light, fast sailboats with their own epoxy formula, WEST SYSTEM. Soon they were selling epoxy to other boat builders and people doing boat repairs. Since epoxy was new in the boating world, the Gougeons found themselves dispensing a lot of how-to advice right along with their cans of epoxy resin and hardeners. With a bit of refining, that’s basically what we’re still doing today.

Wessex Resins & Adhesives Limited has been working in close partnership with Gougeon Brothers since 1982 as their licensed manufacturer, supplying epoxy products throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Since Gougeon’s acquisition of the Entropy Resins brand, Wessex has manufactured the complete product range and distributed the products throughout its network. Wessex has always looked to improve its sustainability, and actively sources sustainable and green materials wherever possible in addition to reducing its own carbon footprint and employing best practices to reduce energy usage.