Epoxy That Helps artists realize their visions

Artists love Entropy Resins whether they’re clear casting, clear coating, adding depth, showcasing vibrant colors, or creating sheen. Biobased Entropy Resins offer the working properties and flexibility to help artists to do it all. If you can dream it, bio-based Entropy Resins can help you achieve it.

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Clear Casting Epoxy

With excellent UV stability for low-color change and acceptance of pigments and tints, this SUPER SAP® Formulation is ideal for art and hobby applications. It combines low viscosity with slow cures to allow for crystal-clear epoxy casting and embedding, as well as high-build coatings.  
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Clear Laminating Epoxy

This water-clear and UV-stabilized epoxy formulation offers low-color and low-yellowing, allowing the natural color of your chosen substrate to shine through. This system features quick air-release and world-class UV resistance. CLR works with multiple hardeners to match your approach to creating art. It has an ideal viscosity for a wide range of applications that use hand layup techniques with fast, room-temperature cures.
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High-Biobased Resin

ONE High Biobased Laminating Epoxy is a SUPER SAP® Formulation designed to achieve an excellent balance of high-performance and industry-leading, renewable, biobased content. This system features a faster speed, lowered viscosity, and includes quick air-releasing properties ideal for artistic wood laminations and wood coatings.
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Creator's Accessory Kit

The Creator’s Accessory Kit is designed for artisans and creators with all the epoxy-handling accessories needed to complete your unique projects.  

Each Kit Contains

  • 20 ¼ oz Cups
  • 20 Wooden Mixing Sticks
  • 2 Plain 4 oz Bottles
  • 2 Epoxy Syringes
  • 4 Pairs of Epoxy-safe Disposable Gloves
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Pump Kit 2:1

This sturdy, reusable set of epoxy resin and hardener pumps is compatible with Entropy Resins 1 qt., .5 gal., and 1 gal. container sizes.  

Each Kit Contains

  • 2:1 Pumps for easy metering and dispensing
  • Detailed instructions