David Johnson, our European Sales Director, recently conducted a workshop in Turkey, focusing on the applications of Entropy Resins®. The event was centered around the use of biobased Clear Casting Epoxy.    

The workshop was hosted by Sema Carckci of Etap Marine, the Turkish Distributor for Entropy Resins. 25 participants engaged in various activities, such as creating River Tables and penny casting.

David began the day by demonstrating the process of creating a ‘starter’ River Table using a cardboard mold, lined with Sellotape. He then moved on to more complex projects including a 5L River Table and a Tree Section table, both made with Clear Casting Epoxy and Clear Casting Slow Hardener.

carboard mould for a resin river table

pouring epoxy into a tree trunk to make a river table

We conducted the second pour on the ‘starter’ river table four hours after the initial pour. For the larger projects, like the tree section table, the second pour was carried out 12 hours later.

David Johnson working on making a surfboard

To showcase the laminating capabilities of our product line, the always inventive David utilized a paper template to craft a small surfboard. He then found three pieces of polystyrene / EPS foam, which he laminated using the Clear Laminating Epoxy Resin and Fast Hardener. To create an impressionistic representation of the French flag on the board, he used color pigmented style accents.

As the day came to an end, each participant had used silicone ice cube trays to craft unique keyrings and jewelry and created detailed chess pieces from silicone molds. It was a day full of hands-on learning and creativity.

a chess set made from epoxy and a surfboard

David expressed his excitement, stating, “It was exceptional to be surrounded by such passionate individuals who could envision the boundless potential of the product. We are genuinely thrilled about Entropy Resins, its capabilities, and its prospective applications. It’s evident that it has been rapidly embraced by the surf market for laminating boards globally, and now it’s being adopted by a diverse range of creators. We are always delighted to see the innovative projects that continue to emerge!”

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