Enjoy Handplanes

Bodysurfer Ed Lewis is a creator with a humble mission: Saving the planet by upcycling trash into treasure.

His brainchild is Enjoy Handplanes. He founded the company in 2010 as a way to keep landfills free of broken surfboards, discarded wetsuits, and production waste while creating fun products that are environmentally responsible. It was a tall order, but Ed was up to the task.

@enjoyhandplanes as featured on Instagram
@enjoyhandplanes as featured on Instagram, made from upcycled post-consumer and post-manufacturing waste.

Upcycling Trash

Ed has an environmentally sound, upcycling approach to producing handplanes. He creates bold, bright, bodysurfing handplanes with post-consumer waste, manufacturing waste, and biobased Entropy Resins. The cores of Enjoy Handplanes are made with foam from broken surfboards, foam surfboard blanks that were damaged during manufacturing. He also uses reclaimed wood from manufacturing waste. The handles are made from discarded neoprene Patagonia® wetsuits.

Customers in the San Diego area who donated their broken surfboards, wetsuits, or swim fin boxes to Enjoy Handplanes for future upcycling are treated to $20 off their purchase.

The idea is to give once-loved surfboards, ruined blanks, and retired wetsuits a second chance so they’re not doomed to the landfill.

Eco-friendly new materials

Where new materials of any kind are called for, Enjoy Handplanes is committed to using the most eco-friendly materials possible. These include Ecovative mushroom board, hemp, compressed hay from the agricultural waste stream, and biobased Entropy Resins.

Designed for maximum adventure on the waves, Enjoy Handplanes include Go-Pro camera mounts.

“My job is to look at people’s trash, then invent products around it,” Ed says. “It’s sort of a business of faith.”

Not a drop to waste

Leftover epoxy from handplane production at Enjoy Handplanes does not enter the waste stream. Instead, it’s collected and used to make unique and colorful drink coasters that—at the end of their useful life—will be recycled into new plastic products. This follows Ed’s goal that every product he makes will eventually return to him so he can break it down and upcycle the materials into new products. Any new manufacturing materials he needs will be grown and harvested.

Enjoy Handplanes + ENTROPY RESINS

Entropy is a natural fit for Enjoy Handplanes. We formulate our biobased epoxies with sustainability in mind. Each Enjoy Handplane is shaped and custom glassed with biobased Entropy Resins.

@enjoyhandplanes Enjoy Handplanes featured on Instagram
More upcycled @enjoyhandplanes as featured on Instagram.