Biobased Elemental Colors Kit


Unearth Sustainably Stunning Works of Art.

Transformational Colors. Unbelievable Performance. Inspired by Nature.

Kit contains 6, 1 fl. oz. liquid colorants: Translucent Berry Red, Bumblebee, Clover Patch, Celestial Blue, Eclipse, and opaque Whitecaps.

Up to 98% biobased | USDA BioPreferred Certified.

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Product Overview
Inspired by Nature. Desired by Makers.

Made with up to 98% biobased materials (94% on average), get ready to unearth sustainably stunning works of art. Using state-of-the-art green science, Entropy Colors are formulated to bring you the best performance characteristics on the market for epoxy resin art. From true opaques to mind-blowing transparency, experience a new level of creative freedom and expression.

Create a seemingly endless number of colors with our easy-to-follow color mixing guide. Entropy Colors are the perfect complement to our epoxy resins. Join our movement towards a more sustainable future.

Our translucent colorants are highly concentrated and will last for many projects. Unlike some traditional colorants, Entropy Colors translucents won’t clump. They maintain absolute translucency, even at high loadings (max. 5%) or in deep pours. Additionally, both the Elemental and Vibrant kits have an average bio-content of 94%!


Elemental Colors Kit includes:
  • Berry Red (translucent red)
  • Celestial Blue (translucent blue)
  • Bumblebee (translucent yellow)
  • Clover Patch (translucent green)
  • Whitecaps (opaque white)
  • Eclipse (translucent black)


Whether you are creating stunning surfboards, stylish furniture, or intricate jewelry, Entropy Resins Colors will give your creations a unique and eye-catching finish.

All Entropy Resins Colors are safe to use and easy to mix. They're also compatible with most other epoxy resins on the market, making it a versatile choice for any project.

Entropy Resins Colors have ability to maintain bright, vibrant colors over time. Our pigments are resistant to fading and discoloration, ensuring that your project will look just as beautiful months or even years after it is completed.

In addition to their superior color performance, Entropy Resins Colors are environmentally friendly. We're proudly certified by the USDA BioPreferred program, making our pigments and epoxy resins a safe choice for both you and the environment.


Before working with epoxy or Entropy Colors, put on your eyewear and gloves. If you want to produce a specific color result, we recommend mixing a test batch. Mix a small batch of epoxy, then add your colorant to produce the desired color. The ratio of epoxy to colorant, and the depth of your pour, will impact the resulting color.

  1. Dispense your resin and hardener into a mixing container at the proper ratio listed on the back of the hardener bottles.
  2. Stir the epoxy with a mixing stick until it is thoroughly mixed together (about one minute).
  3. Add colorant to the epoxy. The colors are potent, and it is much easier to add drops than try to take them away. You can mix colors together to create a custom color blend. The maximum color loading we recommend is 5% of your total amount of epoxy (by weight or volume).
  4. Stir again for about 1 minute until the color is completely mixed (less if you desire a streaked effect).
  5. Pour your epoxy onto your project, allow it to cure, and enjoy!

For more instructions download: Entropy Colors Digital Guide


Downloadable Product Safety Data Sheets are listed below. For general epoxy safety tips, visit our Epoxy Safety page.


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