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You can purchase resin kits directly from our website. Keep in mind the quantity listed is total amount of resin, ie for a 2:1 system, a 3l kit comes with 2l of epoxy and 1l of hardener. The equivalent in Kg would be 2Kg of resin, and the corresponding amount of hardener as per mix ratio by weight (i.e. 2Kg resin in a 100:47 mix ratio by weight would mean 0,94Kg of hardener).


We can ship to all European countries as well as Israel. Shipments via ground, air or sea are possible, but please take into consideration that epoxy resins (even the bio ones) are classified as Miscellaneous Goods, and are listed as class nº9 in the Dangerous Goods Chart (that goes from 1-9, where 9 is the lowest level possible). Our logistics team has worked out a full range of services upon demand, to offer you the best pricing to all destinations. On this site prices are mainly displayed for small parcels and on-line retail, with shipping and EU VAT not included. For bulk orders please contact us directly at or inquire with a distributor in your region.

Countries with custom clearance like Switzerland, Norway, etc…extra custom charges will be added to shipping prices.

Canary Islands listed shipping prices are for Tenerife and Las Palmas only. For the other islands, it is better to contact us directly at:

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Packages are generally dispatched within the same day (orders registered and paid before 11am on working days). After receipt of payment they are shipped via ASM. When not only resin is purchased (i.e. fibers, and other complements) the dispatch takes 1-2 days to collect all the goods. For information on you shipment, please contact our Supply Chain Management Team (SCM):

Transit time depends on the destination and be from 2-5 working days.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Please note that for countries out of the EU such as Switzerland, Norway, etc… we include Export Duties in the Shipping Fees.


A local pickup option is available to avoid shipping charges, but please contact us in order to arrange local pickup. Please email:

Available Sizes

We offer two different lines of sizes and pricing

– BULK: For large orders we can ship in 20L jerricans, 60L metallic drum, 220L metallic drum and 1000L IBC. (Hardeners are not available in IBC, only in 20L jerrican, 60L drum and 20L drum).
Please contact us in order to work out our best quote for your request:
– RETAIL (System total weight):
30,0 L Kit (You get two 15 L Kits = 4 x 5L Jerrican of Resin + 2 x 5L Jerrican of Hardener)
15,0 L Kit (2 x 5L Jerrican of Resin + 1 x 5L Jerrican of Hardener)
6,00 L Kit (You get two 3L Kits = 4 x 1L bottle of Resin + 2 x 1L bottle of Hardener)
3,00 L Kit (2 x 1L bottle of Resin +1L bottle of  Hardener)
1,50 L Kit (1L botte of Resin + 1 x 0,5L of Hardener)
0,75 L Sample Kit (0,5L bottle of Resin + 0,5L bottle of Hardener half full) ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CASTING SYSTEMS CCR/CCF-CCS or combinations between them.


Due to the fact that 50% of our customers are End Users and DIYers, while the other 50% are companies, we have designed the online store to accomodate both profiles (B2C and B2B). Our prices are displayed without VAT and Shipment for this reason. Once you have registered (make sure that you register your shipping address and your Registered EU VAT number to save the 21%VAT on your purchase) and have filled your shopping cart we will be able to work out the best prices to bring the Bio-resins to your final destination.


Please make sure that you register your VAT number in your profile. If you are an End User, Spanish Entity or a non EU VAT Registered Entity, you will be charged 21% VAT (Value Added Tax) on all your purchases.
If you are an EU VAT Registered company or entity, you will not be charged with 21% VAT (Value Added Tax) on your purchases. Please make sure to inform us about your EU Registered VAT number so that you can save 21% tax on your purchase. VAT numbers will be authomatically validated.

For those purchase orders that are registered as an EU VAT Registered Entity, yet their VAT number is not valid or approved, will not get their goods automatically delivered and will be contacted by our administration team.

Territory Scope:

If you can’t find your country in our Online store, please contact our sales team at: and we will be pleased to assist you. Thanks for the interest in our product.


Countries like Switzerland, Norway, etc…will have an extra charge for customs added on their shipping charges.

Thanks for visiting our site! If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us:

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