Coating and Laminating

Entropy Resins’ coating and laminating epoxies are SUPER SAP® Formulations. Designed for versatility, they can be used in a wide range of applications from laminating fiber-reinforced composites to thin film coatings. Featuring simple 2:1 mix ratios and a variety of cure speeds, they are engineered for ease of use. Superior strength, excellent adhesion to many surfaces, industry-leading clarity, and UV epoxy stability make these epoxies the right choice for coating and laminating projects.

Compression Molding

Our compression molding epoxies are SUPER SAP® Formulations for press-molding applications that utilize heat in the curing process to accelerate cycle times.  Excellent elongation and adhesion to a variety of substrates along with a predictable response to heated processes make these epoxies ideally suited for press-molded composite parts such as sporting goods.

Casting and Embedding

Our clear casting epoxy combines low viscosity with slow cures to allow for crystal clear epoxy casting and embedding. With excellent UV stability for low color change, and acceptance of pigments and tints, this formulation is ideal for art and hobby applications. Slow cures also allow for bulk epoxy casting and high-build coatings.