Casting Resin and Embedments

Our casting resin combines low viscosity with slow cures to allow for crystal clear resin casting and embedments. With excellent UV stability for low color change and acceptance of pigments and tints, it is  ideal for art and hobby applications. Slow cures also allow for bulk resin casting and high-build coatings.

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Super Sap CCR

Water clear epoxy, low viscosity, resin designed for casting, embedding, and high-build coating applications.

User Guides

Resin Casting Tutorial with Super Sap CCR

Resin casting tutorial with Super Sap CCR, our water clear, UV stabile epoxy system for casting and high build coating applications. Featuring low exotherm temperatures and excellent air release properties, Super Sap CCR is castable to thickness greater than 1/2″. Industry leading UV stability, allows for crystal clear castings with excellent color stability. Potential applications […]

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